Technical Drawing

Production Support

Drafting: Very good drafting skills. Versed in BS 8888 and especially knowledgeable in using Geometrical Tolerance.

Assembly & Part drawing: My duties included detailing all aspects of the assembly process, including bonding instructions, masking details and paint specifications, exploded assembly drawings, BOMs and Geometrically tolerance part drawings

Technical Data Pack: The creation of technical engineering drawing for the production department. This included OP layouts (step by step assembly instructions) for the production staff. Fully detailed assembly drawings and Inspection sheets.

Document management: I was a key member in the development of a manual and semi automatic document management system that encompassed change control, tracking project related data, 3D Cad data and best working practices.


Production department (MED): Due to the lack of resource I was made responsible for new development builds. To include designing build flow diagrams, build process procedures and build area layout. As well as the optimization of the build process by designing assembly jigs and fixtures.

Manufacturing build: Training of staff in the creation of Operation Layouts and assembly build. To include coordinating a small team of production staff to build prototype units.

Product support: I would liaise with the Technical Support Department to gain a greater understanding of their responsibilities to aid me in the Creation of jigs, instruments and alignment tools that was not thought of during the initial design phase.

Training production staff: I trained the production department in the assembly of the product, answering any design queries, going through the validation process in detail and if necessary setting up test procedures.

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