Key Skills

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Engineering Design: These engineering aspects is what I commonly consider when working on a project:

Multiple-part tolerance build ups - Material and adhesive selection - Mechanical stresses - DFM (Design For Manufacture) - Thermal expansion of materials - CG (Centre of Gravity) - Bending Moments - Mechanical Resonance - Impact shock - Protection from EMI - Thermal Dynamics - Environmental conditions - Balance/stability - Tensile properties of materials.

Hand calculations: Able to produce hand calculations for the support of my designs.

FMEA: Proficient in the use of analysis software such as Cosmos for the use of stress and thermal analysis

EMC: Designed military enclosures to protect the instrument in the event of an EMP pulse from a nuclear explosion and other electrical interference in the high GHz ranges.

IP: Designed products with a demanding IP rating to include IP67 (submerged in 1m water) and MIL-STD-810, which includes; - Gunfire vibration (severe) - Sand and dust exposure - Temperature shock - Low pressure (altitude) - Humidity, fungus - salt fog for rust testing - Icing/Freezing rain - Shock and transport shock - Explosive atmosphere.

Manufacturing Processes: A sound knowledge of the processes for the creation of prototype and producton parts to include: SLS - SLA - Vacuum Casting - RIM - Injection Molding - Chemical Etching - Wire Erode - Casting - Sheet metal - Spark erosion - CNC.

High volume design: Well experienced in designing for high volume design with the MOQ in the thousands. Constrained by established production assembly lines and volume manufacturing considerations.

Drafting: Very good drafting skills. Versed in BS 8888 and especially knowledgeable in using Geometrical Tolerance.

Communicate ideas: Exceptional sketching ability. Capable of creating sketches to present concept and development ideas quickly and effectively to other members of the team, senior management and marketing departments.

Interpersonal skills: Adept at dealing with team members, suppliers and management at all levels, frequently discussing design issues and solutions with relevant department heads such as Production, Scientific authority and senior management. Equally able to work unsupervised and as part of a team, motivating others and acting as technical lead.

Project planning: Managed timescales and resources. Coordinating sub contractors, related departments, workload and technical efforts of other Mechanical Engineers. Also coordinating a small team of production staff to build prototype units.

Computer Aided Design: Comprehensive knowledge of advanced CAD design principles (In-Context surface modeling) Applications include: Pro-Engineer - AutoCAD - Solid Edge - NX - Catia - Mechanical Desktop - SolidWorks.

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