Analytical design

Hand calculations: Able to produce hand calculations for the support of my designs.

FMEA Software: Was critical in aiding me in the design of the optical bench and optical mounts. Demonstrating the thermal stresses on the bench from the heat generated by electronics and its corresponding effect on alignment of the mounted optics.

Thermal management: Thermal analysis for Heatsink design and thermal management within the instrument. FMEA software (Cosmos) was used to understand the internal and external heat flow dynamics and heat dissipation within the unit to aid me in the design.

Stress failure analysis: Utilized stress analysis software to aid me in the design of parts. One example required the identification of failure due to stress whilst ensuring the Load exerted on the part does not exceed the Yield strength of the material, deforming its shape.

Concept feasibility: I made analytical calculations in order to look at the feasibility of different design concepts and sealing designs to ensure the closure force is within allowable levels while meeting the IP rating prior to starting the prototype creation.

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