Engineering Design

Development design

Engineering Design: These engineering aspects are what I commonly consider when working on a project:

Multiple-part tolerance build ups - Material and adhesive selection - Mechanical stresses - DFM (Design For Manufacture) - Thermal expansion of materials - CG (Centre of Gravity) - Bending Moments - Mechanical Resonance - Impact shock - Protection from EMI - Thermal Dynamics - Environmental conditions - Balance/stability - Tensile properties of materials


Performance enhancement: By changing the mechanical design alone I improved the performance of the optics in the system by 300% reducing the level of noise seen and increasing the resolution, improving sensitivity of the entire system.

Micro Design: A sound understanding of Geometrical tolerance, manufacturing limitations and tolerance build-up within the assembly were required to develop components in the range of 300μm and thicknesses from 50μm.

Optical design: When working on products with strong optical bios, my knowledge of mounting optics gained from Carl Zeiss and Leica are utilized to aid in the development of the optical circuit.

Stabilizing optics: Design and tested Stable camera module for the Leica ‘Total Station’, improving the stability of the mounting for the Beamspliter while conducting empirical development work in order to improve the performance of the assembly.

Electronics support: I worked closely with the electronics team on several projects.  Incorporating variables such as operating temperature of devices, component selection, board population and layout design.

Lead Engineer: Worked on products where I was solely responsible for the mechanical design development on the project.

Overseeing engineering solutions: Looking at technical problems given to other engineers on the project and providing technical guidance and assistance.

Existing products: Provided support for existing products, diagnosing problems and providing mechanical solutions.

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